You Will Always Be Mama's Angel

No Wheelchairs In Heaven

Life isn't always easy
Sitting in a wheelchair;
Sometimes I get discouraged
And loaded down with care.

That's when I lean on JESUS
To help me through the day
For HE gives me peace and comfort
When trails come my way.

The Bible says there is a place
That someday I will see
Where there will be no sickness
Or pain to bother me.

I'll walk upon a street of gold
Glorious beauty I will share
In a place called HEAVEN
Where I'll need no wheelchair.

Poem by J. Morse, 1997
Used with permission!

Mama Loves You Angel!

"He Only Took My Hand"

Last night I was trying to sleep,
My son's voice I did hear,
I opened my eyes and looked around,
But He did not appear.

He said, "Mom, Dad, you've got to listen,
You've got to understand,
GOD didn't take me from you,
HE only took my hand.

When I called out in pain that night,
The moment that I died,
HE reached down and took my hand,
And pulled me to HIS side.

HE pulled me up and saved me,
From misery and pain,
My body hurt so badly,
I could never be the same.

I love you all and miss you so,
And I'll always be nearby,
My body's gone forever,
but my Spirit will never die.

And so, you must all go on now,
And live, and understand....

GOD did not take me from you,
HE only took my hand.

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