The memories we hold deep within our heart, 
can bring us joy, or tear us apart.
They surface when we're lonely, they make us cry,
As we sort through painful memories, of days gone by.
They can cause such sadness and heartache too,
We even wonder at times if we'll make it through.

The memories are our past, we never let them go,
They are also our future to help us grow.
Memories within the heart, always stay,
But given time, the pain, will go away.

Give yourself the time, for when heartache is real
You need to grieve before wounds can heal.
Then you can look back, once in awhile,
And memories will be there to remember with a smile.

Copyright © 1998, Linda's Loft

I Wanted You To Know...... 

I Was Sitting Here In Heaven 
And Having A Wonderful Day.
I Started Thinking About You 
And All The Things I Didnít Get A Chance To Say.
I Donít Want You To Worry About Me
And Please Donít Shed Any Tears,
Because I Will Wait For You In Heaven,
If It Takes A Hundred Years.
Everything I Had On Earth
I Have In Heaven Too!
My First Day Here
My Body Became Brand New.
It Is Really Pretty Here
And I Love My New Home,
Although Your Heart Is Broken
Because My Body Is Gone.
My Love Will Always Be There 
As You Go Along The Way,
Just Take A Peek Inside Your Heart
There Is Where Iíll Stay.
Know That I Loved My Family
And All My Friends Too, 
My Thoughts Will Be With Each Of You
Your Whole Life Through.

Garden In Heaven

There Was A Special Garden In Heaven
Waiting For Someone As Wonderful As You
So, The Master Took Your Hand
And Gave You Eternal Life, Brand New
The Angels, We Can Hear Them Singing
Small Children Are Telling Jesus The News
There Is A New Rose In Heaven
Picked By God, That Precious Rose Is You
Itís Hard For Us To Let You Go
To Realize Your Life On Earth Is Through
But Weíre Thankful For All The Memories
Seeds Of Love, Planted In Our Hearts
By A Man Who's Life Was Honest And True!

Dear Lord

Thank You For The Angel
You Lent Us For Awhile
He Brought Us Laughter 
And An Everlasting Smile
He Loved Us, Inspired Us
Our Own Guiding Light
Now He Shines In Heaven
With Wings Of Pure White
He Will Forever Walk Softly
In Our Hearts And In Our Dreams
When Our Feelings Run Rampant 
And Our Tears Begin To Fall
His Spirit Will Surround Us
Lending Comfort To One And All
We Will Always Miss Him
Time Can Not Erase The Pain
Yet, We Will Always Be Grateful
That Into Our Lives....
.... Our "Precious Son" Came

In Loving Memory Of Bubba
Who Took The Hand Of An Angel - 9/27/03

We Thought Of You Today

We thought of you today,
But that is nothing new.
We thought of you yesterday
And will tomorrow, too.

We think of you in silence
And make no outward show.
For what it meant to lose you
Only those who love you know.

Remembering you is easy,
We do it everyday.
It's the heartache of losing you
That will never go away.

In Loving Memory Of Bubba
Who Went To Heaven - 9/27/03

Precious Son

I Canít Tell You Sweetheart
How Many Tears Iíve Cried
Since The Day I Was Told
My Precious Son Had Died
It Seems Impossible
Although I Know Itís True
Because Everything I See 
Reminds Me Of You
I Still Hear Your Laughter
See The Smile On Your Face
I Would Have Lost My Sanity
If Not For Godís Saving Grace
I Have To Close This Letter Now
But This Is Not Good-bye
For You Will Forever Walk Softly
In My Heart And In My Mind
Teresa Shelton Bright

Sweetheart, You Will Always Be
A Precious Gift And Lasting Memory
Though Our Arms Long To Hold You Tight
And We Will Miss, Tucking You In At Night
We Are Thankful For The Time We Had
And Try To Smile Though Our Hearts Are Sad
Remembering Your Laughter, And Precious Charms
Knowing That You Are Resting In Godís Loving Arms
Because We Are Burden With Sorrow Great
Our Prayers For Strength Can Not Wait
With Godís Guidance We Will Find A Way
To Live Our Lives From Day To Day

The Cross We Bear

Lord, We Come To You 
With Our Humble Prayer
Asking You For Strength 
For This Cross We Bear
We Have Lost Our Precious Son
Our Hearts Are Broken
And We Need You To Keep Us 
In The Shelter Of Your Arms
To Lead Us, Guide Us 
And Carry Us Through
As We Say Farewell 
To Our Precious Son
Let Our Hearts Be At Peace
Knowing He Is In Heaven With You
And One More Thing,
Before Our Prayer Is Through
Thank You For A Son
Whose Love Was Loyal And True

In Loving Memory Of Bubba
Who Went Home To Be With The Lord - September 27, 2003

Precious Son

You Have Gone... 
To Where Earth Turns Into Heaven
And A Golden Paradise You Did Find
Although We Are Happy 
For Your Peacefulness
You Are Missed By Those You Left Behind
We Share Grief, Disbelief And Sorrow
Wondering ďHow Can This Be?Ē
Yet, We Are Thankful For The Memories
That Will Sustain Us For An Eternity



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