Memories In My Heart

Memories are within my heart,
Of your sweet and smiling face.
There will never be another,
That could take your place.

Always ready to lend a hand,
Even for those you didn't know.
There was love for those around you,
That in your eyes did show.

Sadness seemed to follow you,
All through the years.
In the loss of many loved ones,
It was hard to hide the tears.

I remember the words and things you did, 
When someone was in need.
We knew that we could count on you,
In that we all agreed.

You've now completed your journey home,
And are like a bird that's free.
I'll look forward to that joyful day,
When one day I'll see.

I can feel your sweet presence still,
Even though you're in Heaven above.
Forever you will remain in my heart,
The Son I will always love.


Used with permission

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