There was a special someone
That's always in my heart
Someone that's a part of me
Even though we are apart.

I think of all the good times and,
The fun times that we shared.
All the walks and talks we had,
We knew each other cared.

I won't forget the laughter or,
The smiles we shared each day.
Whenever we were together,
We both had much to say!

We made a lot of memories,
In my heart I always knew.
That this was a special someone,
And that dear friend was YOU!




Shelia & I grew up together and we were the best of friends. We became friends at a very young age. We lived down the road from one another and we rode the same school bus. She and I were always together; my house, her house, bowling, movies, swimming, singing and dancing or just walking down the dirt roads. We could always talk to one another and there were many times we laugh together as well as cried together. We could always talk to one another. We had a very special friendship and made many precious memories together. 

Even though Shelia and I both grew up, moved away, got married and had our own families we always kept in touch. We got to see each other from time to time but not as often as we would have liked too. We talked on the phone all the time. 

The last time I got to spend time with Shelia was September 2001. I remember it as if it were yesterday. We (my daughter, her friend, my nephew and I) went to her house and picked up her and her two babies. We went to the mall, bought some clothes (alike) and even played dress up (yes, even at our age). We hung out at her house for a while. We told some stories about growing up together, laughed a lot and just had a great time being together. 

Shelia always had to tell the story about us being in a boat in the pond we had in our back yard. We were in the middle of the pond and I started telling her that we had gators and I started acting as if I were going to tip the boat over. It was so funny. You had to have seen the look on her face! I was only joking about the gators but later found out that we really did have gators. You can imagine what Shelia’s reaction was when I told her. Shelia always would tell about us cooking and eating some macaroni & cheese when we would stay up late and get hungry. We shared a lot of memories that we had made throughout the years. 

I’ll never forget that day if Shelia told me she loved me once she said it hundred times. And how I was her best friend and have been and would always be. I thank God for allowing me to have a best friend like Shelia. 

Life wasn’t always easy for Shelia. She had some very hard times. Shelia was an alcoholic and tried so many times to beat it. I remember her telling me that she wanted to quit and I believe she tried hard to do just that, but at the end it took her life. Alcohol is nothing to play around with. Alcohol destroyed Shelia’s liver. 

I love my best friend and I miss her so much. A part of me feels like I let her down for not always being there for her. But living in different towns and sometimes different states and having our own families just made it difficult for us. Shelia passed away March 26, 2002. She left behind two precious babies.  

I love you Shelia and you will always be my Best Friend! 

Shelia Faye Eubanks
Februaru 7, 1967 ~ March 26, 2002

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