Itís been three long years since Iíve held you in my arms. Itís hard to believe itís been that long. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday I was holding you and getting all your sugar and then there are those days that I just want to scream because I canít see you, hold you, get your sugar or hear your sweet laughter. Those days, so many days that I canít stop the tears from falling and I pray for the pain to go away but I know as long as I am without you there will always be pain. 

I also know you are with God walking on the streets of gold and Jesus is here with me in Spirit and He will see me through all this pain. There isnít a day that goes by that I donít go into your bedroom, lay on your bed and thank God for allowing me the many blessings He gave me with you. I look at your pictures and remember so many precious memories with you and I thank God. 

I love you, Bubba and I miss you so very much. One day we will be together again and what a glorious day that will be.

 Praise God! 

Momma loves you with every breath in me.


A Child of God

It's so wonderful to be a child of God;
Be assured our prayers He hears.
He knows all of our hopes and dreams,
Sees disappointments through our tears.

He's with us in the darkest nights;
In days that things go wrong.
When we feel we've lost all strength,
It's He who makes us strong!

He hasn't promised to answer prayers,
In order we may be free.
To do selfish things that we want,
That only God can see.

He promises that if we trust in Him,
He'll grant what is best.
It may not be for what we prayed,
But for sure we will be blessed!

As a child of God we're in His hands.
No matter what may come.
If we trust and follow Him,
A better person we'll become.

In His time it will all come about,
God is forever in control.
Just trust our loving Savior,
With all your heart and soul.

We will never walk alone and
If we ask he will guide.
He's promised to always be with us
And stay close to our side.

July 19, 2005
Used with permission



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