Gone Away

An Angel whispered 
take my hand and 
come with me 
you're work here is done. 

I went away to a place 
where there's no tears, nor sorrow 
only laughter and smiles, 
there will always be a Tomorrow. 

As I move amongst the clouds. 
I'll look down and smile upon you, 
while the angels 
sing a heavenly song. 

I am not alone 
all who went before 
are here 
they awaited my return. 

I know you'll grieve 
and wish I was still here 
I am here in the memories 
you hold dear. 

Remember how much I 
love you 
and know I took your 
love with me. 

I did not wish for 
you to cry, nor feel sad. 
My pain is gone and 
I am Free! 

Soon you'll come to me 
until then 
God will be with you 
Just as He's with me. 

Diana Blokzyl