We found this little puppy on Saturday, July 30, 2005. We were driving home and not far from our house we saw something white in the edge of the woods. We kept driving, but slower because we wanted to see what it was. As we were looking behind the truck we saw this little white puppy come out of the woods.  

We stopped the truck and I ran to the puppy. When I got to this puppy it fell down. As if it had just died. I thought it was dead. When I saw this puppy I was in tears. I picked the puppy up with tears rolling down my face. I started talking to it telling it that I wasnít going to hurt it and that everything was going to be ok. Here I was squalling like a baby and from the way this little guy looked I really wasnít sure this pup was going to make it. I asked my husband to let the tailgate down on the truck. I wasnít about to leave this puppy and just let it die in the road or for someone to come along and run over it.  

My heart went out to this little puppy. My husband, mother and everyone else didnít think that this puppy would live through the night. When we got to the house I got her some food and water and to our surprise she did eat. She ate like she hadnít had food in a very long time. 

This puppy was abused very badly. She had a rope tied around her neck. And from what we could tell she had chewed the rope into. She had so many marks all over her body. It even looked like someone hit her on top of her head. Whoever had this dog; it looked like they must have been trying to train her to be a fight dog. Whatever the case was she was starving to death. She looked like she was a pit and thatís what we thought at first.  

Seeing this little puppy like this made me so angry. I was so upset I called the police department to report this and they stated that they would send a cop to the house. I said ok and hung up. My husband said when the cop gets here he would pick up the puppy and that there could be a chance that whoever had her could get her back. I said no they wont, so I called the police back and said to forget about it that I would keep the puppy and take care of it myself. I wasnít about to give her up to anyone. It just makes me so mad that some people are so heartless. 

I tried calling several Veterinarians but it was on a Saturday and they were all closed. All I could do over the weekend was to give her some pain medicine until I could get her to the Vet on Monday. We gave her lots of love and we watched her very closely. We bought her a bed and she slept most of the weekend. 

We named her Gracie because we thought if she made it through the night it would only be by the grace of God. So we named her Gracie after Godís Grace. First thing Monday morning I had Gracie at the Vetís office when they open their doors at 8AM. The Veterinarian didnít think she would make it. But Gracie had a purpose and thanks to God she did make it!


When my son, Bubba, went to be with Jesus 2 years ago; I started using his bedside as an altar. That is where I always go at night to knee down and pray to the Lord before I go to bed. Every night I would go into my sonís bedroom and I would close the door behind me, but Gracie would always follow me and cry at the door, so I started letting her go into Bubbaís room with me. Within about 2 or 3 months I noticed that Gracie started praying too. Yes, Gracie will pray! She will get on her knees as I do and pray. 

I not only call her, ďMamaís Baby GirlĒ I also call her, ďMamaís Praying DogĒ. Gracie also will say, "I Love You". She's a very smart dog and by the grace of God "HE" sent her to us and we all love her. I know if Bubba were here with us today he to would love her just as much as we do. I have many pictures of Gracie praying; below are just a couple. 



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