Greg was born on August 13th, 1984 in Georgia. I was 28 weeks pregnant when he decided, WELL he was ready to MEET the WORLD!!! Gregs weight was 2lbs & 1oz. He was sent to another hospital (which was o-n-l-y four hours away from home). He stayed in Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia for the first four months and two days of his life. He was a little fighter from the very beginning. Gregs weight got as low as 1lb & 4ozs. There were many times we thought we were going to loose him, but the good Lord gave us the priviledge of loving him as well as learning how to take care of him. OUR GIFT FROM GOD!!! Greg is our ANGEL!

Greg was diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy when he was three years old. At first, I blamed myself, but as years went by I knew he was meant to be!! 
Greg was meant to be here just like YOU AND I. 

Greg laughed out aloud (for the first time) when he was one year old. It was like music to our ears. Greg is blind in his right eye and has scarring on the left eye and the doctor's aren't really sure if he can see any out of his left eye. (maybe shades if anything) He has a shunt in his head due to hydrocephalu (at birth he had a grade three intraventricu hemorrhage). Greg also has a lung disease (bronchopulmonary dysplasia) he has daily breathing treatments. He has a seizure disorder, and as of today, June 7, 2001, Greg hasn't had a seizure in six years. Greg doesn't talk or make sentences (he coos and makes different sounds) but he can say a few words when "HE" wants to say them. Words like: mama, dada or daddy, nanny.... He said "MAMA" for the very first time when he was 10yrs old. Greg uses a wheelchair and is a very happy child. He's a joy to be around. We love him dearly!!!

Greg's Surgeries

Greg was one week old when he had his first surgery, heart murmur. Gregs second surgery was when he was two months of age, he had a shunt placed in his head (this is to drain fluid off his brain). At age one and ahalf he had hernia surgery. Age two and ahalf he had eye surgery. Greg had a gastrostomy tube put in his stomach at age four. (Gastrostomy tube though is stomah inorder to feed him). At age six, Greg went through about eleven different surgeries in a month and ahalf (most of them where on shunts). At age nine Greg had surgery on his hips (bilateral dislocations of the hips) and hamstring (bilateral hamstring contractures). If I could go back and erase that surgery, I would. He's been in pain for years because of this surgery. If only I had known what I know now that's one surgery I wouldn't have put my son through. My advice to any parent who has a child that needs hip surgery PLEASE don't let doctors do this to your child. Greg had surgery Sept.28th 1998, his fourth surgery on his hips. He had lots of pain with the plate and bolts in his hips so we had them removed from his right hip. Greg uses a wheelchair and will never be able to walk. 
Greg loves going to school, being around other kids, loves video games, music and the great outdoors. He's a wonderful, happy and loving child. My little Man! My Angel! 

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