"Messengers of Love" Danny Hahlbohm
Used with permission

Where Eagles Soar 

Please don't think of me as gone,

I live forever more;
In God's glory, in the skies
Up high where eagles soar.
No more worries, no more pain
No more hurt for me;
God gave me the skies above
Forever to fly free 

Pam Harvey

Used with permission

Saying Goodbye  

The day we said goodbye to you
was a day that broke our hearts.
And even though we knew,
we wished we'd never have to part. 

Now each day that we think of you
the memories are so clear,
We're thankful that God gave to us,
someone who was so dear.  

Though we'll forever miss you,
'til we see you once again,
We know that Jesus took you home
to spare you from your pain. 

And 'til that joyous day does come,
when we meet you up above;
We hope this message tells you,
How much you're missed and loved.

Pam Harvey



A Very Special "Thank You" to my dear friend, Pam. 

Thank You Pam!
May the Joy of the Lord be your Strenth.
God Bless You.

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